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    Review for Pennington Lime/ Customer staff

    By Keith on 03/09/2018

    The Pennington pellitilized lime went down easy. I was happy with the product. There was a little more dust than I expected, but most of the product was pellitized (perhaps it was some calcium carbonate?). There was a slight dew on lawn when I spread it, so I was glad to wear my rubber boots (there was some lime cake I had to wash off; recommend a mask on winding days). But, if you have ever spread pure pulverized lime, this was WAY better. Dolomite is the way to go. I can't enough about the customer staff! They were so helpful on a number of occasions; very nice; very knowledgable. It feels like you are calling a Mom & Pop shop. I recommend them and will definately be using DoMyOwn for future business.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)