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Perky Pet

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Perky Pet Squirrel Baffle 16 in. (340)
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Protect the birds and bird feeders from those squirrels.

Perky Pet Garden Sip & Seed Bird Feeder (737)
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An elegant tube feeder that features an interchangeable cap and base which will allow you to choose what to serve to your birds: water or seeds.

Perky Pet Grand Master Bird Nectar Feeder 48 oz. (220)
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A no-drip nectar hummingbird feeder.

Perky Pet Copper Garden Bird Seed Feeder 11.5 in (550)
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Will definitely blend on your garden with its decorative garden icon design.

Perky Pet Squirrel Stumper Bird Feeder 13 in. (114)
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Made of metal, this cage will definitely protect your bird feeder from squirrels.

Perky Pet Clear Window Bird Seed Feeder 15 in. (348)
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This bird feeder can be attached to any window for excellent viewing!

Perky Pet Carriage Bird Feeder 1.5 lb. (310)
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An elegant carriage lamp inspired bird feeder that has a 1.5 pound seed capacity.

Perky Pet Droplet Bird Waterer 1 qt. (781)
Out of Stock
A droplet shaped bird waterer with 1-quart capacity.

Perky Pet Holly Berry Gilded Chalet Bird Seed Feeder 9.8 in. (305)
Out of Stock
This beautiful bird feeder can be a great addition to your garden or backyard.

Perky Pet Hummingbird Instant Nectar Concentrate 5.3 oz. (231)
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An easy to use hummingbird feeder mix!

Perky Pet Metro Seed Bird Feeder 2.25 lb. (733)
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A durable bird feeder that is resistant against squirrel damage.

Perky Pet Oasis Hummingbird Bird Feeder 16 oz. (221)
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A watertight, hardened glass feeder with built-in ant moat.

Perky Pet Quick Fill Bird Seed Scoop (342)
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This help you refill your seeds faster and easier because it has a 4 cup seed capacity and it features a seed release that you can control using your fingers.

Perky Pet Tall Copper Sip & Seed Bird Feeder (389)
Out of Stock
An elegant tube feeder in antique copper color with a powder coat finish that will allow you to choose what to serve: water or seeds.

Perky Pet Wide Blue Antique Glass Hummingbird Feeder 32 oz. (785)
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An adorable mason jar hummingbird feeder.

Perky Pet 3 Station Plastic Bird Feeder 8 oz. (211)
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An 8-ounce capacity 3-station hummingbird feeder.

Perky Pet Assembled Sierra Bird Feeder 1.8 lb. (3261)
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Easily converts from a mixed seed feeder to a thistle feeder.

Perky Pet Basket Planter Hummingbird Feeder 3 oz. (215)
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A nice hummingbird feeder that can be hanged over a planter box.

Perky Pet Bee Guards Replacements for Bird Feeders 4 pc. (205Y)
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Time to replace your old or broken bee guards with these yellow guards.

Perky Pet Birds and Berries Lantern Bird Seed Feeder 10 in. (363)
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A U-shaped perch is featured on this product that most birds love!

Perky Pet Blossom Edition Hummingbird Feeder 24 oz. (702)
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An eye-catching flower blossom designed feeder.

Perky Pet Blue Antique Wide Glass Bird Seed Feeder 32 oz. (784)
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Display this beautifully designed feeder in your garden or backyard while enjoy seeing hummingbird feed in it.

Perky Pet Brushed Metal Glass Hummingbird Feeder 12 oz. (PP710B)
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Features a brushed cap and base for a great design.

Perky Pet Copper 2 in 1 Bird Feeder 1 lb. (PP3852)
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An antique copper-colored tube feeder with a powder-coat finish that features 2 in 1 port technology.