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Pest Control How-To Videos

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn to do DIY Pest Control Treatments Yourself with Our Handy How-to Videos

How to do a General Pest Control Treatment - DIY Pest Control
Learn how to apply insecticides around your home yourself with this step-by-step video.
How to Get Rid of Roaches with a Roach Bait Treatment
Ever wondered how to get rid of roaches yourself? Learn how to bait, one of the steps in roach control.
How to Get Rid of Rats
You can get rid of rats by sanitizing, eliminating the rats that are there, and rat-proofing so they can't come back.
How to Use Bait Plate Stations for Ants & Roaches
Bait Plate Stations are a great way to hold granular or gel bait to get rid of ants and roaches.
Bed Bug Treatment - How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself
You can get rid of bed bugs yourself with our step-by-step treatment plan outlined here.
How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs
A combination of liquid and dust insecticide can help you get rid of stink bugs.
How to Kill & Get Rid of Fire Ants - Fire Ant Control & Treatment Instructions
Learn the numerous methods you can use to treat fire ants outdoors.
How to Do a DIY Subterranean Termite Treatment
Follow these steps to do a subterranean termite treatment yourself around your home or structure.
How to Get Rid of Wood Boring Beetles
Wood-boring beetles can damage wood in and around a home or building. Follow these steps to get rid of these pests & prevent them from infesting your home.
How to Do a Systemic Insecticide Root Drench
A systemic root drench application of an insecticide offers long-lasting prevention and treatment to protect your ornamental shrubs and trees.