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Bruce from Indianapolis, In. writes

Pest Control placed 7 of these Protecta EVO Mouse Bait Station in my home. Too many? Also, do I need a key?

3 in my kitchen cabinets. Also, what is the life span of these?


The Protecta EVO Mouse Bait Stations can be used indoors, although typically rodent baiting is recommended for outdoor use only. This is because when using poison baits indoors you are exponentially increasing the chances of having a rodent die in your wall void or an inaccessible area, then dealing with a decomposing rodent smell in your wall until they finally dry up. The quantity of stations out is typically indicative of the level of population in the home, so while 7 is a decent number of stations inside, it wouldn't necessarily be considered overkill. The biggest key to rodent control is exclusion, finding how/where they are coming and going from and sealing off any entry and exit points so your infestation does not continue in the home. The stations do need an EVO Key to open them, which we sell if the company is not planning to refill the stations themselves. The stations themselves will last fairly indefinitely, but the poison bait inside you would need to replenish as needed or every month or so until the problem is gone. 

Answer last updated on: 05/11/2021

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