Looking for Larger Warehouse

Norcross, GA, May 03, 2012 --( With the economy still in recovery mode, people are looking for any options available to save money. As a result, sales of do-it-yourself pest control products have sky-rocketed during the last year. Combined with the early summer-like temperatures this year, people are in need of pest control more than ever, but can’t afford traditional services. Now, Do My Own Pest Control will have to find a new location that is large enough to support the booming demand for its products.

“We have been very fortunate and blessed as a company to experience the growth that we have, especially through a down economy. Moving facilities is never an easy task but it is a good problem to have. It reinforces that our exceptional customer service and quality products are fueling this business to grow even more. We are excited about the opportunities we will have in a larger distribution center. We hope to get orders out even quicker and expand our product lines into other areas to better serve our customers,” said Michael Gossling, President of

Started back in 2004, Do My Own Pest Control was initiated by two brothers who knew a lot about pest control and web design. Seeing the opportunity to offer people the exact same professional grade pest control products that exterminators were using, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an exterminator, Michael and Philip Gossling opened and it has been widely received by people who are tired of paying expensive monthly service contracts.

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