Mosquito Awareness Week: Simple Steps to Defend Against Disease-Spreading Mosquitoes

With the rising threat of mosquito-borne illnesses, like the Zika virus, mosquito prevention is something that homeowners must be vigilant about. To support Mosquito Awareness Week, offers critical steps to take for effective mosquito prevention and control. 

Mosquito Awareness Week is the perfect time to evaluate and improve your current mosquito control efforts. has compiled simple mosquito control steps that combine prevention and protection against disease-carrying mosquitoes with professional products and expert advice.

1. Reduce the mosquito population:

Less mosquitoes in your yard or on your property means there is a much smaller chance of contracting a mosquito-borne disease. To do this, you must break the mosquito life cycle by treating and controlling mosquito larvae, and then treat and control adult mosquitoes in your yard.

  • First, remove all possible breeding sites, which is anything that collects standing water, including tires, puddles, lawn ornaments, etc.

  • If standing water cannot be removed, like in a pond or water feature, you can treat these areas with safe mosquito larvae products such as mosquito dunks or briquettes.

  • Next, control adult populations by treating the common resting areas and the entire area, including in dense shrubbery and foliage, especially in the shade and on the undersides of leaves. Trim and remove unnecessary foliage.

2. Protect yourself:

Being vigilant with using and applying mosquito repellents will keep you safe from mosquitoes when you are enjoying time outside, no matter where you are. Use an EPA certified repellent, and apply it according to the instructions. The higher the percentage of active ingredient, the more effective and longer the product will work. 

3. Protect your home:

Make sure all of your screens, on windows and doors, are in good repair. Mosquitoes love warm weather, so keeping your home cool and air-conditioned can help keep mosquitoes out of your home. 

4. Travel smart:

If you must travel to an area known to have active mosquito borne disease outbreaks, try to wear long sleeves and long pants, wear repellent, and bring mosquito nets if necessary. Avoid these areas if possible.