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Primo MAXX Plant Growth Regulator

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    Primo MAXX

    By Anthony on 07/31/2013

    Verified Purchase

    As a turf manger works very well saves on water and greens up as always re applying on cool season grass every 7-14 days

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    1st time PGR user

    By Mark on 06/11/2022

    Wow, used this at 1/2 rate on Zoysia in central Texas just as the heat hit in late May. My grass has only grown just a little in almost 10 days and has grown thick and green. I need to mow it now but I’m leaving town again for a few days, so can’t. But at the slow rate it’s growing I think it will be fine. I’ll mow it on day 13 I guess. Normally I have to mow every 5 days or I get problems with clippings on top. Despite that I keep it at 3.5 inch range or higher, but this time the grass looks amazing and the growth is super slow. It did get the gold tint a little bit the first few days, but grew out of that. We are at 104 F today. Still drinking water at a high rate. Zoysia will dry out in our clay soil pretty fast. As will any grass, so the water it needs is less than some others, but it will grow faster than advertised with good sun and water, which is required to keep it green, and it’s pretty thick which leads to clipping issues. This PGR thing seems to be making my life a lot easier by reducing the mow frequency, and the grass is super green and dark. Palisades zoysia if it matters. Wish they sold a 1 quart size of this stuff. These little bottles are a good way to try this stuff without a huge investment. I used about 2/3 of a bottle on 18000 sq feet of grass. But read the label, and put it down even. I used a tow behind sprayer. For those that have issues with the math on mixing. This is how I do it. As an example, my front yard is 10000 sq feet. When I spray it at walking speed with my sprayer it takes 20 gallons of water, which is 2 gallons per 1000. Take the recommended rate of chemical per 1000 sq feet on the label, multiply that by 10 for 10000 sq ft. Of actual grass. Don’t focus on the amount of solution, but think of it as the amount of total chemical for the 10000 feet. The water comes out of the sprayer the same every time. I put a splash of dye marker in my rig so I can see the water level easily from the mower. I don’t like to do herbicides this way because I have nice trees and don’t want to overload the ground under them, spot treat with a hand sprayer for those weeds (Certainty and Celsius combo is a rock star solution for dang near any weed in zoysia). Hope this helps. PGR os working great, and this company has never failed me in dozens of purchases. The scorpions are all dead, the spiders are at bay, and the grass is the envy of town. I’m a happy homeowner, and working less than ever. The so called “professionals” will never care as much about the outcome as you will, so get to work.

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    Works instantly

    By Pete on 06/17/2022

    Had a small portion of the yard that grows twice as fast as the rest. Applied Primo MAXX same day that I mowed and the area now grows at the same rate, going on three weeks now.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)