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Suzanne from Los Angeles, Ca writes

I purchased Cimexa Dust and I'm having trouble getting the dust to come out of the pointed nozzle.

Yes, I did peel off the paper cover on the inside of the bottle cap. What's happening is that a little bit of the dust is coming out of the sides of the bottle cap but none out of the pointed snout where I could direct it in a line (as per directions) along base boards and frames of my bed. It looks like the dust is getting "stopped up" it the pointed funneled snout so it's not able to come out where it's supposed to. What can I do? It's happening with both the bottles I purchased.


With Cimexa Dust, you do have to cut the funnel tip in order for the dust to come out. The black tip that comes with the dust is to put back on once that tip has been cut. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Answer last updated on: 08/17/2014

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