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Pylex Herbicide

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    Works like a charm!

    By Mark on 03/01/2017

    I know this stuff is expensive, but it works great. I had an infestation of bermuda grass on my lawn from a neighboring pasture. Two applications and reseeding of fescue and it's a new lawn. Follow the instructions. I followed the advice of the Virginia Tech ag extension. In in NC. Bermuda turns white after a couple of weeks. Second application killed off the remaining. For me, it beat the alternative of killing off the lawn with roundup and starting over.

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    if you can get over the price- this kills the bermudagrass

    By Joe on 07/04/2019

    Okay the investment in terms of the package you need to buy is preposterous. You apply 0.7ML per gallon and have to buy 8 oz or 237ml.. which means you need to buy enough to make 338 gallons which treats 338,000 sq feet. For $500. But if you need to get rid of bermudagrass in fescue like my silly HOA demands, and can get past this investment challenge, the outcome is great. I have to admit for the first 4 days I was convinced I made a huge mistake. Then it started visibly working. Now after 2 weeks the bermudagrass is turning white and the grass is green and fine. Wow I have wasted way too much time in the past with ineffective solutions like fusilade & tenacity, finding just the right day, applying over and over etc. Triclopyr worked a little but is a bermudagrass discourager, not killer. I tried roundup one year but the bermudagrass just came back anyways. The roundup wasn’t that expensive but the grass seed was. My pylex package came with a ml syringe (no needle) that is great for dispensing the very small amount (thanks). You need to buy the MSO. What I didn’t catch is that the pylex secondary label tells you to use triclopyr in addition to the mso- i took that as a very strong recommendation. So plan ahead with your domyown order. I would also recommend a dye if you are spraying enough. The label recommends 2 or 3 applications finishing 3 weeks before seeding time, which means I can apply in the summer. Perfect. Cause that’s when bermudagrass takes over. I can’t tell you how next year will be but at least this is real progress. Crazy expensive- yup. Only thing that works-check. Possible solution or at least significant gain for the first time in years in my struggle against bermudagrass in fescue- bingo. Highly recommended. All we need to do is get it in containers 1/8 the size

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    It’s worth the high price.

    By Tom on 07/24/2019

    I’ve spent $$$ fighting Bermuda in my tall fescue over the past 12 years but achieved nothing more than moderate control. Ordered Pylex and applied it in September last year. I’ve had some trouble spots return as of late July it’s no where near as bad as previous years. I’m going to make an application in early August and a second in early September this year in hopes of knocking it out once and for all.

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    Quick and accurate service!

    By Brent on 08/15/2017

    My product was delivered ahead of advertised schedule, well packaged, and accurate.

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)