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Nadeem writes

Question about using fire ant granule near fruit trees?

We live in Texas, and have fire ants in many places around our yard. We also have several fruit trees in our yard, and there are fire ants close to or at the base of these trees as well. The product label says that it should not be used close to fruit bearing trees. So if I cannot apply it a few feet within the tree, won't the fire ants from the base of the tree just restart the colonies that would have been killed elsewhere in the lawn?


Extinguish Fire Ant granular bait is a food product that the ants will be attracted to.  Although the label states to not use it near fruit bearing trees, you can apply it away from the trees in the yard and when the fire ants are out foraging for food they will find the extinguish granules and take them back to the nest.  Unfortunately there is not a fire ant product that is labeled for use on or very near fruit bearing trees.

Answer last updated on: 07/23/2011

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