Rain Barrels

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Rain Wizard 40 - Dark Ribs
Out of Stock
A rain barrel that hold 40 gallons of rainwater for watering lawns, flowers, fruits and vegetable gardens.

Rain Wizard 50 - Dark Ribs
Out of Stock
A rain barrel that holds 50 gallons of rainwater for watering lawns, flowers, fruits and vegetable gardens.

Rain Wizard 65
Out of Stock
A 65-gallon capacity rain barrel with an oak barrel design that saves rainwater to re-use later.

Rain Wizard 65 Darkened Ribs
Out of Stock
A 65-gallon capacity rain barrel featuring an oak barrel design with darkened ribs that saves rainwater to re-use for watering gardens.

Rain Wizard Combo Kit
Out of Stock
A rain barrel that holds 50 gallons of rainwater for watering lawns, flowers, fruits and vegetable gardens.

Rain Wizard Urn 50
Out of Stock
A rain barrel with a 50-gallon capacity that has some unique features including a built-in, self-draining planter top and an overflow channel.

Rain Wizard Urn 50/65 Stand
Out of Stock
An accessory that is built to last that is for the 50 or 65 gallon Rain Wizard Urn to increase water pressure and water flow.

Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver
Out of Stock
A 50-gallon capacity rain barrel with planter top that features a classic colonial design.


Collecting and reusing rainwater might seem like an old fashioned, clumsy idea, but when using rain barrels, it can actually be an incredibly economic and environmentally friendly way to stretch your water budget and reduce polluted storm runoff. We carry a very wide variety of rain barrel styles, helping you choose the best option for your lawn and garden needs. 

Advantages of Using Rain Barrels

There are a wide variety of uses for stored water, and many are very easy and money saving. In peak water usage times, like summer, using rain barrels can help save over a thousand gallons of water. In just one rain event of an inch, you can expect to fill up a 55-gallon rain barrel, which will provide you a lot of water for multiple uses. Here’s what your rainwater collection can do:

  • Water your lawn, flowerbeds, and vegetable gardens with your collected rainwater. Rainwater is non-chlorinated, soft, and pH neutral, making it idea for this purpose. Keep in mind to wash vegetables very thoroughly if watered with stored water.
  • Reduce polluted storm runoff. When rain runs off of roofs and through yards, it collects pollutants like sediment, oil, grease, bacteria, and excess nutrients that contaminates local waterways.
  • Using stored water can drastically reduce outdoor water usage in peak months, especially during drought or times of restricted water use. 

How To Use Rain Barrels

While it’s fairly easy to set up and start using your new water storage system, you will have to keep a few things in mind. Here are some tips for proper use and storage:

  • Since there will be bacteria in the rain barrel, stored water is not suitable for people or animals to consume.
  • Sprinklers may not work very well since rain barrels work through gravity and there won’t be enough water pressure. Soaker hoses, sprayers, and watering cans are a better choice when using rain barrels as a source of water.
  • Make sure you secure your rain barrel under your downspout very securely; a full 55-gallon barrel can weigh over 400 pounds.
  • Since your average rain barrel may fill up really quickly and you might not be able to use the water before the next rainfall, you can stack two barrels and connect them to gain extra volume.
  • When cleaning your roof or home with any chemical detergents, make sure to disconnect and move your barrels so no tainted water collects inside.
  • Inspect and remove debris regularly and maintain a clean barrel for best water quality.
  • During winter months, either disconnect or remove the barrels to avoid ice damage.
  • Mosquitoes can be a problem, so look for safe mosquito products to use in your barrels, like mosquito dunks.

Choosing A Rain Barrel

We have a wide variety of options so you can choose the perfect rain barrel and water storage solution for you. We have anything from classic recycled plastic barrels to huge 300-gallon options. There are attractive options, too, like decorative barrels with detailed finishes. We even carry self-watering options to keep your garden looking fresh all season.

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