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By DoMyOwn staff

Have rats? With the expert help of DoMyOwn you can successfully control the rat population around your home or business. Watch the videos below to learn how.

Rodent Control - How to Kill & Get Rid of Rats & Mice
Learn some of the products that can help eliminate rodent infestations in your home or business.
How to Get Rid of Rats
You can get rid of rats by sanitizing, eliminating the rats that are there, and rat-proofing so they can't come back.
Rat Sanitation and Exclusion
Make sure to sanitize and seal your home off so rodents cannot enter.
How to Use Rodent Bait Stations
The bait station you use will depend on the type of bait and what rodent you need to get rid of.
Get Rid of What Rats Need to Survive
Learn how to get rid of the food, water, and harborage that rats need to survive.
Rat vs Mouse
Is it a Rat or a Mouse? Learn the difference by identifying appearance, droppings, and where they live.
How To Use Glue Board Traps for Insect and Rodent Pests
Learn how to use glue boards according to the pest you are trying to capture.
How to Use the Catchmaster Multi-Catch Mouse Trap to Catch Mice
This video will show you how the Victor Tin Mouse Trap works and how to use it properly. For serious mouse problems you can't go wrong with the Tin Cat Repeating Mouse Trap (Model M308). The Tin Cat Mouse Trap is a live-catch trap that is easy to use, catches up to 30 mice at a time, and requires no setting. Simply place the trap along a wall where mice like to travel and it is ready to go. Inquisitive mice will enter the trap, triggering a lever that will trap them in a holding area inside. The