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Fred from Myrtle Beach, Sc 29579 writes

Re: Alpine Flea Insecticide with IGR Aerosol -- does it automatically kill flea eggs and larvae?

Do you need to vacuum immediately after applying this product ? we're hearing different things from different people; such as the flea eggs only get destroyed if you vacuum the carpets after applying this product; but waiting 2 1/2 hours to vacuum after applying this product. How do I get the accurate instructions on how to apply and use this product? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciative. Thank You for your help!


Alpine flea Insecticide with IGR will not kill flea eggs or larvae. It will make some eggs sterile and it will cause the larvae to become non breeding adults. The vacuuming does not destroy eggs. Vacuuming does stimulate the eggs to hatch and the larvae to emerge from the cocoon causing them to be exposed to the product you sprayed. Vacuuming should be done immediately prior to the treatment so as many of immature fleas are exposed as possible. We recommend you continue to vacuum daily or every other day for the following 14 days so more of the immature fleas will be exposed to the treatment. Vacuuming isn't demanded on the product label instructions but we can tell you from experience that it will certainly speed along the flea control program.

Answer last updated on: 06/25/2013

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