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Sueanne from Mickleton, Nj writes

Recurring moth problem in home. Need advice

We bought a home that had an infestation and used many traps plus this product last summer attempting to get rid of the moths. After months, they seemed to finally be gone by the time winter came around but have now shown up again with the warmer weather. My traps contain many moths. I've been very careful with storage of dry goods in plastic containers and I keep my flours in the freezer. I haven't found a larvae source. Is it normal for the moths to reoccur with the return of warmer weather? Should this product be used in a home? If so, should traps be used at the same time? I am at my wits end. We spent a lot of money last year trying to eradicate these moths. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks


PT Allure MD Mating Disruption System is designed for controlling stored product pests, such as the Indian Meal Moth, in commercial and industrial settings, but is not labeled for residential use.  You can read our articles on How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths, and How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths for more detailed information on recommended treatment methods.

Answer last updated on: 06/07/2021

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