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Gene from United States writes

Renovating shower stall, poured new slab do we need to treat surrounding studs?

We removed our shower stall down to the studs. Poured a new concrete floor in the shower stall without pretreating for termites. Should we treat the surrounding studs for termite prevention before tiling? No current termite problems.


Since it is not possible to treat below the slab since it has been poured, then yes, it would be a great idea to treat the exposed wood before closing the walls back up. Bora-Care is usually the preferred choice if most of the wood is exposed and it is raw wood you are treating, meaning it is not painted, stained, or sealed, it is just normal wood.  Bora-Care is made only for wood, and you do not have to know exactly where the termites are for it to work which is a plus.  Bora-Care is sprayed evenly over all exposed surfaces of the wood and actually penetrates through the entire piece of wood.  When the termites in the wood try to consume the wood after it has been treated, they ingest the Bora-Care with the wood and die.  No matter where they are in the wood the Bora-Care will find them as long as you treated the exposed wood that you can see.  The other main benefit is that Bora-Care stays in the wood forever, so you will not have to worry about termites or beetles infesting the wood that you treated ever again.  Bora-Care:

Answer last updated on: 02/22/2012

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