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Anne from Austin, Tx writes

Roaches only in kitchen on 3rd floor apartment

I live in a 10 story building, on the 3rd floor. I've lived here for years and never had problems. I cannot figure out where these roaches are coming from, and I don't know if my neighbors are having issues. Which kit/products do you recommend if I can't do anything externally?


The Roach Control Kit Rotation A would be a fantastic choice to go with as it contains Maxforce FC Magnum which is one of the strongest roach baits on the market. This, in combination with the other products in the kit, will likely yield the fastest result on the population in your unit and some in surrounding ones. If your unit is not the source, this will be a bit of an uphill battle for you as that means the source is in surrounding units and out of your control. With time, repeat treatments, and patience you can eliminate a good chunk of the issue that is currently within your unit.

Answer last updated on: 01/28/2021

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Roach Control Kit Rotation A

Roach Control Kit Rotation A

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