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    Kills Nut Sedge in lawns and crops.

    By Kc on 03/12/2023

    it's a LONG read, but worth it if you're considering buying Sandea.. I have a 2 acre garden that i grow with plasticulture, the nut sedge pops right up though the plastic mulch and spreads like wildfire, i hated to pay such a high price for the Sandea but i needed a solution that was crop safe. so i bit the bullet and bought this... followed the label and on cucurbits and melons i did get some leaf burn, but no serious injury, all other crops showed zero sign of injury. as far as the nut sedge....... after 8 days it was still growing and green as ever, i was really starting to get upset thinking i'd wasted 600+ bucks on this. i spoke with a guy that owns a local feed and seed store that has a lot of knowledge on herbicides and he said to give it another week, and if i didn't see results he'd call his biologist to come out and have a look at what might be wrong. at 14 days you could see some yellowing of the nut sedge and the growth had all but stopped. by 21 days it was mostly brown with a little yellow/green right at ground level. i did have to do a second application the following year, you could clearly see exactly where the plastic mulch was at when i sprayed, and there were stripes of the sedge that had survived under the mulch. by the 3rd year, i had minimal signs of nut sedge and i did apply a 3rd application. i'm now on year 5 and no signs of it coming back!!!! another good part...... most lawns here in the southeastern US have a mix of grasses, and sadly nut sedge tends to be in with that mix, if you mow regularly it blends in and you rarely notice it but let it go a few weeks because you're busy and it will look like the entire lawn is nothing but it. read the label and it's safe to spray your lawn, so i did. only took a single application to knock it out completely.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)