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Prime Source Indicator Green SG bottle (20 oz)

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Prime Source Indicator Green SG

Prime Source's Indicator Green SG will reduce the costly waste and skips with a visual spray indicator. Using an indicator dye in the sprayer tank can save money and time by identifying treated areas, and also alerting of equipment failure. Liquid dyes will often result in splash-back and spills, Indicator Green SG Select will provide complete control during both the measuring and mixing process. Just tip the bottle to measure the amount of granules in the measurement area, and pour into the tank. Spills are easily controlled by sweeping spilled granules so they don’t come in contact with water to avoid stains.

  • 12 times more effective than liquid dye
  • Measuring compartment on bottle
  • No direct contact bottle with dye
  • No splash-back or drips
  • Available in green or blue

The Indicator Green SG Select is a water soluble colorant. It is a product that can be mixed with herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and other liquid treatment. It has an easy to use soluble granular formulation that dissolves quickly when mixed. This is a non-toxic indicator that can be used on most turf areas and can be adjusted by increasing and decreasing the recommended application rate. Color intensity may be adjusted by gradually increasing or decreasing the recommended application rate as needed. The product is also available in blue color.


  • As spray indicator: Apply Indicator Green Select SG as a tank mix with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers or other liquid treatment.
  • Application rates will vary depending on turf color, turf height and spray application rates.
  • In general, mix 1 - 2 ounces per 50 gallons of spray solution to cover 1 acre. Fill tank 1/3 full with water and add Indicator Green Select SG.
  • Agitate to ensure uniform dispersion. Add other actives and water as needed and continue agitation. Spot test and adjust colorant prior to full scale spraying.

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08/01/2017 Jed from Jenks, Ok

QWill overspray of Prime Source Indicator Green SG stain my driveway?
Will this indicator permanently stain concrete (driveway) or house brick if it makes contact with them?


Yes, if Prime Source Indicator Green SC is sprayed on your driveway or house brick, it would stain it, however it should fade away over time. It is best to wash any overspray as soon as possible with high pressure water.

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