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Jax from Hilton Head, Sc writes

Settings for proper spreader coverage with Ferti-Lome Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery

We have used this in the past with mixed results. We have read the disclaimers by the manufacture on all of the things that make it so difficult for them to provide a simple application chart for broadcast and drop spreaders. They actually ensure that it is the customer's responsibility to do the best they can. We wonder why the more prominent manufactures have been able to figure this out and list spreading applications with a simple chart on each bag. Maybe FertIlome should do some more research. You know, instead of putting everything on the user. This stuff kind of works ... we think. But we are tired of guessing and are now going with manufactures that help eliminate guess work. The ones that provide a chart and helps ensure best results.


Due to how many thousands of different spreader types and granulated products such as Ferti-Lome Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery there are on the market, there are no master lists that allow us to know the spreader settings for each individual spreader and product used. The best thing to do to make sure you get the results you need from the product is to place the amount for 1000 sq/ft into your spreader and choose a setting somewhere in the middle or a notch or two below that. Walk a 1000 sq/ft area and note how much is being dispersed as you go. If you find the product is being put out too quickly and you feel you will run out before you cover the whole area, you can move the setting to a smaller option. If the opposite is happening and you find you have lots of product still in your spreader after you've covered 1000 sq/ft, you can move the setting up to release more product at a time. We also have a handy video showing how to calibrate your spreader.

Answer last updated on: 02/03/2021

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