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Abby from Texas writes

Should BoraCare or Timbor be used to treat a new porch made of pressure treated wood for Powderpost Beetles in one of the beams? The beams are not stained or varnished and about 2 years old.


If the new wood for your porch was pressure treated/pre treated wood, then you would not need to apply either product. Powder Post Beetles will emerge whenever it is time for them to progress from the egg stage in the wood, to larvae and then a beetle. The eggs can lay dormant in the wood for up to 30 years and there isn't a way to know how many there are or where they are in the wood. Even if you treated the porch with Boracare (the more appropriate product for your needs), you would still see some of the beetles emerge whenever that life cycle happens. The Boracare helps make sure that any that emerge die as they ingest the treated wood, and no new beetles are able to infest the wood going forward. Boracare would be the more appropriate product than Timbor, since Timbor can only penetrate 1/4 inch into the wood and will leave a white powdery substance on the surface of the wood, and Boracare will penetrate all the way through the wood and dry clear.

Answer last updated on: 06/15/2021

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