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Constantin from Alexandria, Va writes

Should I use Talstar P or Cyper WP for roaches in my apartment?

I am looking to buy a strong insecticide to keep away the roaches inside in my apartment . Which product do you think is better for me :Talstar P or Cyper WP? Do you have something else stronger?


Both Talstar P and Cyper WP would do a great job for roach control. Talstar P will dry clear while Cyper WP can leave a white powdery residue behind. Cyper WP on the other hand does have a little bit of a faster knockdown. We also recommend that you caulk as many cracks and crevices as you can in your apartment. Caulk around baseboards, places where utilities such cables, pipes and wires enter in through the walls, also around plumbing fixtures and window and door frames. This will help cut down on the roaches ability to travel through the walls of your neighbors apartment and into your apartment.

Answer last updated on: 02/20/2012

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