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    This works!

    By Rick on 08/24/2018

    Live in remote AZ, lots of rattlesnakes! Use this as a barrier around my home and yard, no more snakes. Need to freshen up monthly in summer when snakes are active. Have watched snakes turn up their noses and head back into the desert!

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    Snake away mr t's

    By Connie on 06/07/2019

    We used ortho snak a way. Which worked. This product doesnt work.

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    By Sarra on 06/20/2020

    Please keep this away from pets. I know it says safe to use around pets but the active ingredient is SUPER toxic to animals. We received this in the mail, closed and in a taped up box. We left it in the garage for a few days. Even while it was closed and taped up, you could still slightly smell the fumes. We didn't think much of it because like it says on the package, it's "safe around pets" so we kept it taped up in the box for a few days. Our amazing 2.5 year old Great Dane started having these nosebleeds. We couldn't figure out what was causing it so we took him to the vet on Thursday, they prescribed Benadryl to see if that would help. Later that evening we also took the Snake-A-Way out of the box and sprinkled some on the otherside of our fence, (with neighbors permission of course), since they don't have pets. EVEN THOUGH it says it is safe around pets we were still careful. It is now Saturday and our wonderful dog had a seizure this morning, pee'd on himself (he has NEVER had an accident in the house), and he couldn't even stand up after going to the bathroom and his legs were kicking. We then had to carry him outside to the car since he couldn't walk and rushed him to the vet. His face was swelling, they took blood, gave fluids, and steroids. This is when we started going over all the things that could've caused this and this is the only thing we could think of thats different. The Vet then had me look up the active ingredients in this stuff and sure enough, its VERY toxic to pets. We then had to take them to another vet 2 towns over to be watched over night. While getting checked in, he's had another seizure and we found out his platelets are very low. Right now we're not sure if he'll make it and this was from a very small "dose" of fumes. Our dog only walks through the garage to get to the yard to go to the bathroom and very rarely might lay in the garage for about 10-15 minutes at a time, but there is always a door open in the garage. Imagine if we had put this stuff directly into our yard and it got soaked up through his paws? My family is still at the vet right now hoping that our dog pulls through. If you have pets, PLEASE do not buy this product.

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    Hate picture on front - taped over!

    By Patricia on 05/01/2020

    I hate snakes so purchased item to keep them =away. I had to tape over the front - finally just put in another container. Got rid of "snake" bag

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)