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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Solitare kicks butt on Nutsedge

    By Steven on 09/05/2017

    Had a problem with Nutsedge in a 2 month new Flame Fescue lawn. The Nutsedge was everywhere! I'm thinking it came with the topsoil that was installed prior to seeding. After my lawn service applied a general 2-4D herbicide, there was ZERO impact upon the Nutsedge... So I took matters into my own hands. First I tried Q4 (as recommended by a friend who owns a sod farm). I hand sprayed my lawn with a small 2 gallon pump sprayer (about 2/3 acre) using the Q4 at a solution of 1.5 oz per gallon), and noticed some of the nutsedge looking weaker, but some looked untouched and heathly. The Q4 instructions were to apply a 2nd treatment after 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I had used up the Q4 supply. Due to the less than stellar results from the first Q4 treatment (IMO), I spent some more time researcing the best selective turf safe herbicide for Nutsedge, and my conclusion was Sulfentrazone. So when purchasing additional herbicide I noted the Q4 contained 0.69% Sulfentrazone, where as the Solitare contained 1.6%. And I jumped ship for the Solitare product. I used 2 oz per gallon of water for the Solitare applications... but as you can see I received almost 3x the active ingredient when using the Solitare product (vs 1.5 oz of Q4 earlier). So I applied the 2nd treatment using the Solitare, and after 10 days the Nutsedge was HISTORY! I'm sure there will be some more to combat, because I noticed many of the weeds had gone to seed. BUT I'm very confident the Solitare will take quick care of it. The only other ingredient in Solitare is Quinclorac and it is also present in the Q4 product (along with some others), but I'm not certain what weed battle the Quinclorac will win. All in all... I'm Very happy! Only comment for both the Q4 and Solitare makers would be for easier delusion instructions. It was very difficult to identify how much product to use when treating with a hand pump sprayer unit. I was looking for a simple "ounces of product per gallon of water" BTW - I am certain the Q4 application helped with some of the other weeds in the new lawn. And to be honest, I really have no idea if a 2nd application of the Q4 would have taken out the Nutsedge. It may have, or maybe not. As the lawn sits right now, it appears weed free, and that was my goal.

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    The boom

    By Gilbert on 05/18/2018

    Crabgrass was taking over my lawn and I used this product and with 3 days it was dying. Don’t waste your time and money on over the shell products.

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    By Bill on 09/07/2018

    Crabgrass was taking over my yard. Sprayed on a Monday and the crabgrass was brown by Wednesday. Would recommend this product

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Worked but killed grass also.

    By Mr.jenkins on 06/07/2019

    Followed the ratio but I guess the temp getting up to A 100 cooked my Bermuda also. It did kill the Dallas grass though.

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    Great for crabgrass

    By Rick on 09/15/2019

    Kills crabgrass in 7 to 10 days. Although Solitare already contains surfactant, it still beads up on the foliage of weeds. Consider adding additional surfactant for better wetting. For mixing rates, the label only says the amount of product to be applied for a given area. I ended up using 5 oz in a 2-gallon tank sprayer for spot treatment.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    super great product

    By Gilberto on 04/09/2020


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    solitare killed everything BUT my crabgrass

    By Curtis on 06/22/2020

    I sprayed the crabgrass with solitare WSL on Saturday AM using a 2 gallon pump sprayer. Wednesday PM everything around where I sprayed appeared dead. By the following Saturday the crabgrass was back green and thriving and all the other grass was dead Then I sprayed the crabgrass AGAIN, just like before (spot spray) and I still have green crabgrass and dead centipede. This is my second try using DOMYOWN and probably my last.

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    Works but be careful

    By Derek on 06/30/2020

    Verified Purchase

    Kills everything it claims just fine but also burned my fescue. Some is recovering, some is not. I even was on the low side of the application rate. Temp was in the 80s during application. No signs of drought stress or heat stress before I applied the herbicide.

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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)