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Eric from Sterling, Va writes

Spray or brush Bora-care on basement ceiling?

We have about a dozen beetle holes in the bottom of one of joists in our basement storage area. Seems like Bora-care is the right choice for treatment. What I am trying to figure out is if I should brush it on (which will take me several hours to apply to the joists and ceiling) or if I should spray it on. Spraying will be faster, but I am concerned about it getting all over the rest of the storage area (and me!). Any thoughts on the best way to apply to a ceiling and joists?


You should apply Boracare in whatever way is easiest for you and will still give you a thorough application. If you do decide to spray the Boracare on to the joists you should lay plastic tarps over the entire floor area to catch any drips or over spray. You should also wera a protective coverall, respirator, gloves and goggles to protect yourself. You can find all of the personal safety equipment in our Professional Safety Kit.

Answer last updated on: 02/08/2012

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