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Lance from Marshalltown, Ia writes

I sprayed GrazonNext HL Herbicide on pastures last spring.

Can I put manure from those cattle on a field that will be planted to soybean? Cattle grazed pasture no hay cut


  Please be sure to read the product label completely regarding restrictions on use of and transport of hay, use of manure, and movement of animals since manure and urine from animals consuming grass or hay treated with this product may contain enough aminopyralid to cause injury to sensitive broadleaf plants.  Per page 4 of the GrazonNext HL Herbicide label:

Do not plant a broadleaf crop (including soybeans, sunflower,
tobacco, vegetables, field beans, peanuts, and potatoes) in fields
treated in the previous year with manure from animals that have
grazed forage or eaten hay harvested from aminopyralid-treated
areas until an adequately sensitive field bioassay is conducted to
determine that the aminopyralid residues in the soil is at level that is
not injurious to the crop to be planted.


Answer last updated on: 04/19/2021

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