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Beth writes

I sprayed product on empty floor of pantry, bottom shelf about 2 feet above floor. Food left in pantry

Contamination risk? Wire shelves. Spray was not put directly on the food only on the floor below. This was months ago - did I feed my family contaminated food for months? No one was sick but long term risks is what I’m thinking about. I have young children. There was no food out of packaging but the second and third shelves had loose granola bars in individual packing,, etc. and top shelf had bread and previously opened cereal boxes, rice, pasta, etc.


While in theory, as long as the Black Flag Ant and Roach Killer Aerosol is being used according to label instructions and not reaching any food directly or food prep surfaces, it should be safe. However we could not speak to the risk of contamination to nearby food or any risks that would pose to you or your family. You would need to speak with the manufacturer directly for any concerns of this type. Their info is: Chemsico,  Div. of United Industries Corp. P.O. Box 142642 St. Louis, MO 63114 For product information: 1-800-887-3524.

Answer last updated on: 05/24/2021

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