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Summer Lawn Care

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn how to care for your lawn in the summer with these videos.

How to Inspect for Lawn Diseases
It is important to known the signs of a lawn disease so you can effectively treat for it.
What is the Best Way to Prevent Lawn Disease? - Lawn Care Tips
See how you can save time and money by preventing lawn disease before it starts.
Weed Life Cycles - Treating for Winter Annuals, Summer Annuals & Perennial Weeds
Weed life cycles play a huge role in their prevention and treatment. Make sure your lawn is protected by following these simple tips.
Do My Own Lawn Care  -  Understanding Fungicide Resistance
Paul discusses fungicide roation, FRAC codes, and fungicide resistance some more to try and help you understand how important it is.
Do My Own Lawn Care  -  Lawn Fungicide Rotation Applications
Paul discusses the need for curative and preventative fungicides and the need for fungicide rotation.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Apply Fungicides
Paul talks about the best way to apply fungicides in your lawn."
Do My Own Lawn Care  -  Cool Season Grass Disease
Paul will go over his plan to get rid leaf spot disease as well as discuss plans to rehab the lawn.
How Do I Kill My Weeds Without Killing My Grass? - Weed Control Tips
It's important to use the right selective post-emergent herbicide to keep your turfgrass safe.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Identify Weeds in Grass
Paul talks about how to identify weeds in and around the yard.
Do My Own Lawn Care - Weed Control Around Trees
In this video, Paul talks about what to keep in mind before spraying near trees and shrubs.
How To Apply Post-Emergent Herbicide Weed Killers
Already have weeds? Learn how to apply post-emergent herbicides properly.
How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn
Learn the basics of applying weed killer for lawns, both pre-emergents and post-emergents.
Do My Own Lawn Care  -  How to Get Rid of Doveweed
Paul talks about how to keep doveweed out of your yard and the best products to do so.
Why Am I Seeing Weeds After a Pre-Emergent? - Weed Control Tips
Learn how pre-emergents work and how to properly apply post-emergents to take care of existing weeds.
How to Water Your Lawn Lawn Watering Tips
Learn how to water properly so your lawn can thrive with our basic lawn watering tips.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Water a Lawn
Paul discusses watering your lawn - what, why, how, and when to water."
How to Mow a Lawn - Lawn Mowing Tips
Proper mowing height, frequency, and pattern all play a part in lawn health. Learn how to mow your lawn the right way.
Do My Own Lawn Care - Know When to Mow
Paul discusses when to start mowing your lawn and best tips to do so.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Fertilize the Lawn
Paul shows you how to choose and apply fertilizer for a healthy and green lawn.
Do My Own Lawn Care - Organic Fertilizers
Paul talks about the difference between organic and inorganic fertilizer.
Getting Started with Lawn Fertilizers - Lawn Care Tips
Properly applying fertilizer will keep your lawn healthy and help prevent weeds, pests, and disease.
How to Apply Granule Lawn Fertilizer
Applying fertilizer to your lawn is a great way to make sure your lawn is healthy and beautiful.
How to Core Aerate Your Lawn - Lawn Aeration Tips
By aerating your lawn, you are allowing nutrients to get to the soil level to nourish your lawn.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Aerate
In this episode, Paul answers the question "How do you aerate your yard?"