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    Ineffective Product

    By Barry on 06/21/2016

    I applied this product to control the small brown ants (we call sugar ants) in our back yard three weeks ago. I applied the product at the specified rate and lightly watered the lawn. The hundreds of small ant hills were still active the next day, after a week and now it's been 3-weeks and I've see no change from before I applied this Talstar Extra product. Do not buy this product! I called this site and they recommended this product to treat our specific type of ants - bad advise. You may want to look elsewhere.

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    Just OK

    By Bubba on 10/16/2010

    This product worked great... at first. Applied it correctly and it was like a nuclear bomb went off - no ants, no crickets, no anything. However, a week or so went by and the ants were back. Why? Probably because of local control. I have lots of sandy spots and those don't take to the poison well? I find the liquid talstar HARDER to apply, but it works better in all conditions. For some reason the granular works well for yards and areas with no sand, etc. The granules are also hard to spread in landscape beds. Talstar as a whole is the BEST so maybe the answer is to buy granular for the grassy areas that are usually large and hard to cover with spray and then buy the spray for the landscaping beds and sandy spots in your lawn. Either way BE CAREFUL this stuff is so toxic that in minutes lizards, crickets, and ants start to flee their hiding places and you'll find them everywhere... dead! 5 stars for the liquid Talstar for sure, 4 stars for Talstar XTRA because despite the fact it has pretty ant(s) on the packaging it is not that great for ant(s) and may not work around planting beds, near sidewalks, and/or empty patches in lawns.

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    A Definite "Buy"

    By Kristen on 06/16/2019

    I've been using this product for 2 years, and it does the trick in the Midwest on chinch bugs. I often apply it once in May (for the larvae) and again in early July for the adults. What an amazing difference! We've been hit hard with the rain here early this summer, but once it dries out and gets warm, these little buggers come out and damage the lawns. I would definitely recommend that you try out this's definitely worth every dollar.

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