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Brandon from New Jersey writes

Termidor treatment in basement

I recently found evidence of carpenter ants in one of the bedrooms in my home and I also found a frass pile in the basement near the floor beams. Can I use termidor in that wooden floor beam area to treat any potential nests? And would I be able to use some termidor in that bedroom that I observed carpenter ants activity?


Termidor can only be used indoors if you are injecting it into a wall void or piece of wood and not applying it out in the open along baseboards or window sills like you would other pest control products.  Termidor is mainly intended for use around the outside perimter when used for ants.  We do sell a carpenter ant kit that is for indoor/outdoor use which is our most popular product for carpenter ants when you do not know where the nest is.   You could either use the carpenter ant kit inside and/or use Termidor as an injection in the area where the frass is hoping you contact the nest directly.

Answer last updated on: 08/12/2011

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