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"Excellent vendor. Fast service. Fantastic prices. Wide variety of pest control chemicals. Website is packed with research information. I WILL patronize this company. Thank you guys!"



"Oh my goodness! I was completely amazed by the product I had purchased recently! I had my first experience with pantry moths and didn't know what to do. The website had many products offered, and I decided to try the pheromone traps. I received it today and even before I peeled back the paper to expose the sticky part the moths were gathering around it! It was a little horror-like having 10-15 moths flying around my head very aggressively, but the stuff obviously worked very very well! And it did! I am happy to say I've got a bunch of deceased moths in the traps! Great stuff guys! Thanks! "

Red Oak, TX


"We are having trouble with roaches because the neighbor is infested, and they are coming to our residence. The building inspector has cited them, but until they get it cleaned up, I had to do something. I purchased the MaxForce Roach Bait, and they are under control. I actually saw one roach laying dead on the kitchen floor. It sure does the job!"

Dunkirk, NY


"All I gotta say is, "This is a True product!" Of all the years I have lived in this world, this is the one product that does what it says it does, and then some! Thank you, Advion! Although I don't know how you make a profit with it being so good! We haven't used anymore in three years, and still no roaches! Forever grateful, Val"

Riverside, CA


"Fast and Easy Service. Thank you so much for your service!"