Our Customers Say it Best

DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"I'm extremely satisfied with the purchase experience. I was able to order pesticides that my local pest control company refused to purchase at an extremely affordable price. The website is very useful with ample information about different pests. I was able to find the correct species and related pesticides easily. I love that I could get a quick answer to a question and view questions others had asked. I feel that this is a very transparent way to do business and I would definitely use this company again. It's so much easier and cheaper than going through an expensive pest control company!"

Orem, UT


"I paid for a pest control company to perform routine maintenance on my house 1 time. The products used were listed on the receipt. I Googled the product and found your site. That was 5 years ago. I have placed multiple orders which have always been shipped fast and correct. I have called with questions, and customer service was top notch, which is difficult to find these days. Prices are very competitive, if not the lowest. Big fan of free shipping, regardless if the cost is rolled into the price of the item; it still makes me feel better to see Free Shipping. The information listed for products along with their labels is a huge help. YouTube videos are spot on. No cheesy jokes or unnecessary fluff. Your site has saved me thousands of dollars over the years. I have referred multiple friends and family to your site and they all have the same experience that I do. Your site is one of very few I will use over Amazon Prime. My aging parents also like your site as I have become their $79 less per quarter pest control and lawn care provider. Overall your customers service is the biggest single item that keeps me coming back for return orders and willing to not just use a competitor because of price. Please please please do not discontinue to stock the 3/4gal Talstar. Best bang for the buck I can find anywhere!"

Tampa, FL


"It's better option than hiring an exterminator. Controlling new generation of roaches is a true innovation that no one else has offered. It's been such an easy relief: no fumigation, no exterminator, but the result is better than all those!"

Cupertino, CA


"I moved my business into a larger building and suddenly had roaches. Stuff from Lowes & Home Depot did not even work - in fact made it worse! So I called a pest control agency and on top of being charged $150 I was told I need to spray every month at $75 each month and there was no guarantee my problem would be solved. I fired him when I saw roaches 2 weeks later. So I looked at the receipt and found GENTROL, ExciteR & Conquer as the spray. Then I found DoMyOwnPestControl and bought a year's supply for 1/2 the price of my first pest control visit. I added $15 for a sprayer and got to work. The Spray Soup is working like a charm - inside and out. I am so glad DoMyOwnPestControl had what I needed."



"I'm very pleased with Bedlam Plus. It arrived within 3 days. The product does what it says it does. There's no odor. It doesn't leave stains. I used it on my recliner and mattress without leaving any stains or odor. It was used twice for two weeks to rid the problem. I would recommend this product highly."