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DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"I am so pleased with my purchase. I love being able to get the products I need. Fast, easy, and no dealing with pest control company's that call and call. I can treat my home on my time, when it is convenient for me, and I save a ton of money!"

Manhattan, KS


"I have to say that this company is the best I have asked many questions and they answer them in a timely manner . If they don't have the answer they advise where to find out what you need. I have used them for indoor and outdoor problems...."

Stuart, Fl


"I really like doing business with this company. There are no hyper-sales pitch or "you just HAVE TO Try ...". I get products that I want and need, I can get specific information if I have a problem that I have not dealt with before, they have excellent prices as well as a great selection of chemicals and product companies/brands. I could ask for no more from anyone."

Pineville, LA


"Your videos are what sold me. After, I go rogue on these Roof Rats... I plan to take on roaches, wood bees and termites. Hoping to never use an exterminator , again. Great site. Highly informative videos. Also, love the shipping music video and the one about the founding of the company by the two brothers. It is nice to know the personality behind a company on the internet. Hope to be purchasing more products from you in the future."

Birmingham, AL


"After using two different pest control companies in my area w/no success and after spending tons of money, I found this website selling the industrial products I need to get the job done. Just wish I found DoMyOwnPestControl site earlier!"

Knoxville, TN