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DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"Thank you Do My Own Pest Control! After spending the majority of the summer over run by ants and no luck with the products sold at local stores, I then talked to Jill at Do My Own Pest Control. She has got to be the best customer rep on the planet! She gave me the friendliest service I have ever received from ANY company and the product she recommended had those ants eradicated in little over a week! Thank you so much and thank you Jill!"

Macon, Ga


"I received my order. This is just a quick thank you for your wonderful products, professional website, and great customer service. I really appreciate the e-mail confirmations I receive as well as the ability to track my purchases. "DoMyOwn" excels at what it does. Again, thanks from a happy customer (me!) who will always return to your site to help find solutions to my pest control needs!"

Las Vegas, NV


"My experience was very good, from the ordering until I used the product Demon WP. The Pump Sprayer worked very good! I would recommend this company and product to anyone for this type of service. The speed in processing the order was EXCELLENT. Thanks for your prompt action."



"I just found out about DoMyOwnPestControl.com about 2 months ago. I have ordered a few items and have been completely satisfied with the products, customer service, pest control questions and prices on their products. I live approximately 2 blocks from a pest control store but I am willing to give my business to a company almost 1000 miles away and to wait for a few days to get the product. That says a lot!"



"Just a note to say how excellent your entire customer relationship is. I have asked a few questions, and recieved very prompt but great answers, and the lag between order placement and delivery is minimal, you folks get the product out the door fast!"