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DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...


"Best product! Best Prices and fast service!"



"I have just received my 4th order from Do My Own Pest Control and they have exceeded my expectations. I live 2 blocks from a pest control store but I would rather do business with a company 800 miles away for several reasons: Prices, Customer Service, and Quality. I ordered 4 T-Rex traps, baited the traps and just killed 2 rats. This is an excellent company to do business with and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who does their own pest control."

Houston , Tx


"I experienced a worrisome pest control problem earlier this year. I stumbled across and shopped DoMyOwnPestControl.com.  I saw many products I was interested in, but had no idea which one was for me. I then spoke with their Expect Personnel who recommended one of their products to best fit my needs. I received my shipment in record breaking time. The product exceeded my needs and now I am back ordering for a neighbor experiencing the same problem. I would recommend the "DoMyOwnPestControl" website and their products to anyone experiencing a pest problem."

Cincinnati, OH


"I had stink bugs carpeting the outside of my house. So I ordered the overwintering kit and in slightly over 48 hours it was delivered to my door. Then I acquired one nightly large spider at 1 a.m. every night. So I got a little more motivated and started reading the instructions to the products in the kit. I really did not have time to use a whole gallon, I was at my desk, so I popped an email at 3:23 SATURDAY afternoon, while I debated. Was I ever surprised when Michael answered at 3:25 the same afternoon, yeah two minutes later! Every email I sent with a question was answered almost immediately. At 5:24 the same afternoon Sheree responded to make sure I was being helped! I was like wow! What will definitely keep my business is the customer service. I am not the patient type. When I decide to do something, then have a question, I get annoyed because I have so little time for projects usually. I could not believe the response time and as I said, the shipping time was a little over 48 hours, which is super and as a bonus, the product appears to work! I will definitely be a repeat customer and will also recommend them. Thank you guys, you are the greatest!"

Philadelphia suburbs


"I would like to thank Michael in particular for his knowledge and help; and Do My Own Pest Control for being in business. Long story short, I discovered I had termites through my own inspection. I then researched them and subsequently price checked products as well as their effectiveness in eradicating the problem. I purchased Termidor SC from Do My Own Pest Control (most affordable on the web) and after discussion with Michael took care of the problem myself at a substantial cost saving from quoted "termite control" services. If you do not mind a bit of manual labor you can do this job yourself and save a bundle. I highly recommend these people and want to say that this testimonial was unsolicited. Once again, Thank you!"

Dandridge, TN