Customer Reviews for The Anderson's 21-0-10 Fertilizer with 0.25% Dimension Turf Herbicide

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    Good pre emerge

    By Rob on 03/27/2020

    I switch between dimension and barricade for pre emerge. I like these Anderson's products because they contain a little higher percentage of active ingredient than store bought and always contain a higher percentage of coated, slow-release N. A fifty pound bag allows me to split applications and cover the whole summer season.

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    Read the ingredients

    By Mr on 02/26/2021

    I'm not very happy with this product I do admit I did not read what was in the bag prior to buying this product I wanted to buy strictly Dimension this product came with fertilizer as a filler they quick release fertilizer not a slow-release I'd prefer 50 lb of dimension I would not recommend buying this particular product if you want strictly Dimension go to lawn and Pest Control Supply you will pay more money but you're getting what you pay for I don't believe in putting pre-emergent and fertilizer down at the same time just be mindful if that is what you want more power to you

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    Fertilizer w/pre-emergent

    By Joseph on 04/20/2020

    This company ships fast, has good selection and answers their phones. I wish i could review the product, but this was my first time using it, so only time will tell how many weeds pop up or dont pop up this spring/ summer. It was however, not a messy product; all granular, no dust or powder in the mix. Hopefully it works, i did throw down prodiamine like 6 weeks prior too.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)