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Emily from San Diego, Ca writes

The rats are not eating the Ditrac All-Weather Blox.

I put this poison out in a Protecta box a couple of weeks ago. I just checked on the box and the bait is untouched. How can I attract the rats to the poison?


It is possible that the rats are not attracted to the Ditrac All Weather Blox because there is another food source available to them. We would recommend removing any type of food items (pet food possibly) and/or moving trash to another area. We would also recommend inspecting your home for areas that they can get in through. Check all doors, door frames, windows and window frames. Replace any weather stripping that does not create a tight seal. Replace any broken window panes. Replace any damaged window or door screens. Repair any gap, hole or crack around frames that are ¼” or larger. If gnawing damage is present on doors, a metal kickplate should be installed to prevent any additional gnawing.Inspect all trees and hedges near home. Any tree branches or hedges that touch or hang over the house should be cut back to prevent rodent from using them as pathways onto and into the house. Keep grass short and trim bottom of hedges or bushes to expose soil beneath and eliminate rodent harborage areas.Inspect the roof. Check shingles, roof ventilators and vent screens to be sure they are secure and undamaged, replacing or repairing as needed. Make sure the chimney is capped to prevent animal entry.Remove food and water sources when possible. Feed pets in the morning and remove any uneaten food immediately. Find and fix any leaking pipes or drains. Remove bird feeders if possible to eliminate the bird seed as a possible food source. Clean up any rodent feces and urine found during the inspection. Be sure to wear protective gloves and a respirator to avoid breathing in any fecal matter. Use a bleach solution to clean rodent nesting areas and entry points to get rid of any pheromones left behind that may attract future rodents.   Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Answer last updated on: 08/26/2014

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