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    Great Product Easy To Use

    By Diyintn on 02/21/2020

    Great Product easy to use. We had a skunk attempting to make a home under our house through a foundation vent. Since we did not know if there was a nest, we waited a few days before adding the door. It fit well and were able to secure it to the foundation with heavy stones. Next step, adding a new vent. With some patience, this was a much less expensive option than hiring a professional in our use case. One note, if you need something for smaller animals like chipmunks, the mesh on this item is too large in our use case. we had a chipmunk also entering the opening so I covered the one way door with construction fabric (wire mesh) to take care of it. Thats why I gave it 4/5. Now I have trap that I can share with my neighbors.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)