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Lisa from Richardson Texas writes

Treating for bed bugs

I have sprayed all the mattresses with BEDLAM, let them dry and have put mattress encasements on and box spring encasements. Zip tied them shut. I sprayed the frame of all three beds. the kids rooms there are toys toys toys!!! Books, baby dolls, stuffed animals, Legos, ect... I have put them in the middle of the room and an feelng pretty overwhelmed looking at the pile and wonder, how do I tackle this? I also still have to hit the closets. So my question is: how do I handle all these toys? I can't bag them and put them away for a 1 & 1/2 year. Would you put the toys in a bag, spray them with bedlam, close the bag up for a week or so and then wash them In the dishwasher? And do you think the bugs would be In the Legos? Very overwhelmed. Should I spray the game room since the kids take toys back and forth from the game room to the bedrooms? Sorry so long and thanks for your help.


You are not alone in this Bed Bug Battle. We do not recommend spraying the toys with Bedlam. When it comes to furniture and mattresses, you really want to apply to seams and folds.We recommend using Nuvan Strips. You can put the items like toys into plastic bins or tightly sealed trash bags. You want to leave them sealed for 1-2 weeks. Nuvan Strips kill by vapors that emerge slowly over time and control pests exposed to the vapors. Bed bugs can enter pretty much anywhere, even nail heads. They can enter inside of legos. Yes, you do want to spray the play room. In fact, it is highly recommended to re treat once every two weeks. Keep treating until you have gone 30 days without any evidence of bed bugs. We would also recommend to read our article How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs. You will read that it really takes more than one product to eradicate Bed Bugs. Please visit our bed bug kits which do include Bedlam. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Answer last updated on: 01/31/2014

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