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How to Treat Log Cabins with Bora-Care

By DoMyOwn staff

Why Should I Treat My Log Cabin With Bora-care?

Because termites, carpenter ants, wood-borers and wood-destroying beetles find your quaint cabin home just as cozy as you do! Think of Bora-Care as a form of life insurance, but in this case, we are talking about the life of your cabin. After all the work you put into building it (or all the money you put into having it built) why risk even the smallest measure of damage by unwanted pests? A little bit of Bora-Care can go a long way to afford you and your family peace of mind about the life of your log home.

Benefits of Bora-Care

  • Bora-Care is not just a surface treatment, it is an innovative pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, and wood preservative.
  • Bora-Care penetrates deep inside wood surfaces to eliminate all pests beneath the surface, and also creates a surface barrier, eliminating additional pests entering and exiting at the surface.
  • Bora-Care is long lasting-in face, once the active ingredient penetrates the wood it will remain indefinitely.
  • Bora-Care is odorless, will not affect painting or staining, and does not affect the appearance of the wood.
  • Bora-Care is non-toxic to humans and animals.


1.) Prepare Wood Surfaces

Bora-Care is effective only on bare or unfinished wood. If necessary, remove paint or finish, including water repellents, prior to treating log cabins with Bora-Care. Indoor surfaces to be treated which are unfinished but that have accumulated dirt or cooking oils should be cleaned with a strong detergent prior to treatment with Bora-Care.

2.) Basic Application

  • Apply one part water to one part BORA-CARE solution to all wood surfaces both inside and outside. One gallon of Bora-Care concentrate will treat up to 800 board feet of wood. Surfaces should appear wet. (Refer to the application chart on the Bora-Care product label for minimum amounts required to treat various size logs or beams.) Bora-Care mixture must be used within 24 hours of mixing.
  • Sprayer Application- Mix Bora-Care and water thoroughly in a clean container before transferring to the spray tank. (Mixing Bora-Care directly in the spray tank may cause hose or nozzle blockages.) Apply solution on a low-pressure setting just until it begins to run off.
  • Brush Application- Mix Bora-Care and water thoroughly in a clean container. Protect your hands with chemical resistant gloves. Using a large, wide brush, apply the Bora-Care solution onto all log surfaces. Apply solution until it begins to run off.
  • Apply two coats of BORA-CARE solution to all log ends, notches, corners and sill logs. Two coats should also be applied to all wood surfaces when treating log cabins with round logs that are 10" or greater in diameter, or rectangular logs larger than 6" x 12". Wait at least one hour between applications.
  • Do not apply Bora-Care in rain or snow. Outside wood surfaces should not be exposed to moisture for a period of at least 48 hours after application. If rain or snow is expected, wood surfaces may be protected with a plastic tarp.

3.) Finish and Maintain Wood Surfaces

  • After you have treated your log cabin with Bora-Care, you can ensure long-term protection by treating exterior wood surfaces with a water resistant finish, paint or exterior stain.
  • The finish or topcoat should be applied within six weeks of the initial treatment, but not sooner than 48 hours to allow for sufficient drying time.
  • Before applying a finish or topcoat to the entire wood surface, test for compatibility by coating just a small section of treated wood and allowing it to dry.

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