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    Damn Bees

    By Mikey on 04/18/2010

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    I tried to use the plastic plugs on 10 bee holes under my deck.  I found that the bees were not given enough training to consistently create perfect 1/2" holes in the wood. These plugs could not be hammered into many of the holes.  I ended up bringing a drill with a 1/2" spade bit outside. After not being able to get to some with the bit, I abandoned the plug theory and brought out my caulk king gun. That worked. It might help to taper the nose of these plugs to allow you to get it seated and then driving it home. They sound great in theory but were not consistently able to do what was advertised.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Thank you for your feedback. Some of the 1/2 inch plugs have not been working for Carpenter Bee holes.  This has never been an issue until this year.  For now, we'd recommend using the 3/8 inch plugs for carpenter bees, which seem to be working well for our customers.  You can find the Trebor 3/8 inch plugs here.

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