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    Excellent Product

    By Michael on 04/21/2020

    Hello, I am a Florida State certified Operator in a nutshell that means Professional exterminator/ Lawn care operator for 38 years. I have worked for others as well as my family business and my own business. I have used this product for 4 years, I have applied this product on thousands of lawns. This product is effective at controlling chinch bugs, Grubs and some ant species. etc. I was spurred to write a review while reading a review on this site about this product. Please understand I have know idea where this reviewer is. But in central Florida, there are only 2 application times during the year you can effectively treat for grubs... May and September. the reason being these times are the only time's grubs are near the surface of the soil to come in contact with that product while they feed. Applying any product any other time during the year is a waste of your time, product and unnecessary environmental impact along as well as a reduction in effectiveness. Applicators must understand these types of dual products will initially give limited control while another product in the same mix works in order to obtain long term control. Especially the Imaldicloprid component of this product. This product is very effective for turfgrass pest management, just realize that you will notice further damage to the lawn after application. This is because it takes several weeks in order to eliminate an infestation as well as provide complete control. pest control is meant as a maintenance process regardless of if it is interior or exterior based. I hope this was helpful.

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    Triple Crown T&O Insecticide

    By Jacob on 07/11/2019

    Verified Purchase

    I used 0.8 oz. per gallon for 1000 sq.ft. I mixed 24 oz. to a 30 gallon tank sprayer. It took 5 tanks to do approximately 3 acres. After 24 hours, I applied 0.5 inch of water to the lawn. So far; after 1 week, I have not seen any positive results. The lawn looks exactly the same. I know that I have grubs, because I dug up part of my lawn and saw them.

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