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Jack from Nashville, Tn writes

I use Suspend SC. Daughter moved in w/cat that goes outside & brings fleas in. Additional treatment needed?

I am due for my regular overall treatment with Suspend SC, but wonder if there is something that I should do for truly effective control of the fleas that we notice on the cat. We are not experiencing any bites, etc. and I want to get it under control right off of the bat. The dog doesn't seem to bring home these little hitch hikers but she is in a treated yard, but the cat wanders.


Suspend SC is great at killing most insects, including fleas, but it is not labeled to apply all over floor coverings which is normally what is required for treating fleas.  We do have an outdoor flea control kit which can also be used indoors.  This is our most popular flea control product.  In addition to applying this kit outdoors and indoors if there is an issue, you should have your pets treated and have Frontline or Advantage flea treatments applied regularly.

Answer last updated on: 09/02/2011

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