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Awilli13 writes

I used the Farnam Bars before and were effective, but lately I still have a few lingering rodents. Suggestions?

I'm considering having a professional come and they use contrac blox- so don't they have the same ingredient basically? Oh and I have a fridge with a small leak as well, but they used to work well, but not right now. One professional stated if we feed them it only sustains them.


Both the Farnam Bars and the Contrac Blox are great rodent baits, but they both have a slower kill time. It takes consuming a little more of the bait to get a lethal dose in their system, and death normally results within 2-5 days after the meal. The rodents could be reproducing at faster rates currently so you have a continuous cycle of rodents coming through, as one dies, another is born to come out shortly after. One way to try and eliminate the chances of more reproduction until they die, would be to swap to a bait like the Fastrac Blox. The kill time on this one is 1-2 days and they have to consume less of it to have a lethal dose. The fridge with the leak should have no effect on anything in your situation unless you are putting the bait where the water is getting on it and causing it to degrade or mold. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Answer last updated on: 10/16/2013

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