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Ashlee from Argyle, Texas writes

We are using Bifen Granules to kill armyworms, will it kill them? How soon will it work?

We followed the directions for treating our lawn with Bifen granules following a notable infestation and movement of armyworms across our property. It's been 12 hours since the product was watered in, and we are not seeing any improvement. The armyworms are just as active and just as plentiful. Is it possible the product was bad?


Bifen L/P Insecticide Granules are labeled for armyworms and will do a great job controlling this pest. When treating for armyworms to ensure optimum control, irrigate the treated area with up to 0.1 inches of water immediately after application to activate (release from the granule) the insecticide. This product is not one that will kill the listed pests on contact.  It will take time. There are several factors like the severity of an infestation that will play a part in how long it takes to gain complete control. It could possibly take a few weeks for full control. The product will leave a residual that lasts in the soil for 2-3 months.

Answer last updated on: 09/20/2018

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