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Rick writes

We had a termite swarm in our dining room. I plan to treat around the perimeter of the house as you suggest.

I found tunnels from the edge of the concrete slab in the garage up to the sill plate that abuts the dining room. I'm sure I have termites in the wall between the garage and dining room. However, there are no droppings, holes or other evidence to point to exactly where the termites are inside the wall. Should I mix Dominion or Bora-Care with a foaming agent, drill holes into each joist space and spray into these spaces? If so, how much spray? Top and bottom of the joist space? Every six to twelve inches? Thanks.


If you found the tunnels then you know exactly where the termites are.  The colony is under the slab of the garage and the termites that are in the wall use the tunnel you found to back and forth between the wood they are eating and the colony below the slab.  To properly treat this area you should drill holes through the garage slab so you can get the Dominion directly in the soil where the termite tube is going.  How to do this is explained in our How To Do A Termite Treatment Article, 5th paragraph down explains how to drill that wall in your garage.  You can also drill a hole above the baseboard into the Sheetrock where the termite tunnel is going into the wall and just spray in the void with Dominion.  You do not need to buy a foamer and foaming agent, etc....spraying will be fine.  If you have any further questions please feel free to call us at 866-581-7378.

Answer last updated on: 04/20/2011

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