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Paul from Bartelso, Illinois writes

We have the Cyper WP. Can it be used to kill carpet beetles/clothes moths?

My mother-in-law has an old carpet in her house that goes back to about 1962. It has damage from carpet beetles or clothes moths, we aren't sure what. We aren't even sure what the carpet is made of, but it seems to have some damage from some type of insect(?), especially around the edges. If appropriate, what would the cyper/water ratio be? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Cyper WP is not labeled for clothes moths or carpet beetles and would not be an appropriate product for your needs. We recommend that you carefully inspect the carpet to see if you can find any live insects, dead insects or any other physical evidence other than the damage. If you do find insects present you should have them identified so you can learn the exact treatment that is needed. The entire carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed and possibly steam cleaned if the material can be cleaned in such a way. Steam cleaning with a steamer that reaches temperatures of at least 140F degrees will kill any insect or insect egg on the carpet. Please take a few moments to read our articles Carpet Beetle Pest Control and How to Get rid of Clothes Moths.

Answer last updated on: 12/04/2011

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