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Theresa from Colorado writes

We just purchased 35 acres in San Luis Colorado, and the property is infested with big headed ants.

We are not living on the land yet, but do camp on it, so I am not there all the times. Is there any time released treatment on the market.


Insecticide granules such as Bifen granules would be a good choice to help control the population of big headed ants as it will last for 3-4 months. Bifen Granules will kill ants that venture on to treated areas.  Another great choice would be to use Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait. This bait is also labeled for big headed ants specifically and would be a great choice for your use. Extinguish Plus combines the power of hydramethylnon with an insect growth regulator (like birth control for ants) to kill big headed ant workers and prevent queens from laying fertile eggs. This product would kill the ants that picked up the bait and also kill the ants back at the colony.

Answer last updated on: 07/14/2012

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