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Patricia from Deleon Springs, Fl writes

We need to treat mole crickets and thought we needed a different species of nematode which apparently is no longer available. I would like to order the S. carpocapsae but would like to be assured these will treat my nematodes. Thanks.


The Koppert S. Carpocapsae holds the active Steinernema carpocapsae pests (third stage larvae) in inert carrier material. It works against the larvae of various pests belonging to the orders Orthopthera (e.g. mole crickets) and Coleoptera (beetles). After application, nematodes earnestly search for their prey and penetrate them. Once found, they feed on the content of the target specie by discharging specific bacteria from their digestive tracts. These bacteria change the host tissue into materials that nematodes can easily assimilate. The affected insect larvae become slimy and its color will change. Larvae will eventually die within a few days. Prior to purchase and application, we recommend speaking to the manufacturer of the product, Kopper Biological Systems 800-928-8827 as this is a new product to our site and they will determine if this is what will best fit your treatment needs.

Answer last updated on: 10/04/2014

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