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Dottie from Houston, Tx writes

What can I use for musical instrument storage to treat silverfish and carpet beetles?

What is the best remedy to put in storage lockers with musical instruments to discourage bug contamination and destruction of pads?


You can use Dekko Silverfish Paks in storage areas, which are specific to the silverfish and firebrats. These have a simple bait and last up to 4 months. Another option for enclosed storage areas, depending on the size, is to use a residual spray (apply before anything is stored in the area), and/or to use Nuvan Prostrips in each area. A great spray to use would be CyKick Aerosol. You would use the crack and crevice straw to treat along the corners and edges of storage areas. Nuvan ProStrips are insecticide strips that release a small amount of insecticide slowly over time. Each strip treats up 100-200 cubic feet, or any enclosed area up to that size, for 4 months.

Answer last updated on: 08/31/2017

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