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Omar from Miami Florida writes

What can I use for whiteflies on ficus hedge and gumbo limbo? Will Mallet work?

I have a 17 acre property with at least 2000 feet of ficus hedge and 40 Gumbo limbo. White flies are eating up my property. I use Bifen IT to spray the leaves but it only lasts a couple of weeks before they're back again. The area has a lot of white fly and is out of control. Is there a soil drench application that would help control this problem? I was told to use Mallet.


Mallet is no longer available but you can substitute it with Adonis 75, which is basically the same product just made by a different manufacturer. Adonis would be the product of choice for soil drench applications for whitefly infestations. It can take a few weeks for the Adonis to translocate through tall hedges or trees, and you will most likely continue to see whiteflies in that time period. You should continue to use the Bifen IT until the Adonis has had time to translocate through the plants.

Answer last updated on: 09/26/2011

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